Halloumi végétal
Halloumi végétal
Halloumi végétal
Halloumi végétal

Valloumi (vegan halloumi)

Nutcrafter Creamery

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New from Nutcrafter Creamry, a vegan Halloumi, the famous Cypriot cheese. Like its dairy counterpart,this halloumi does not melt and should be panfried until golden and crispy in a little olive oil (or grilled or skewered). Slightly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside (like Japanese grilled mochi). Its texture is slightly elastic but firm, its flavour very mild and subtle. A surprising and delicious cheese.

Ingredients: Deionised water, organic raw and activated cashew nuts (50%), organic tapioca flour, organic pea protein, sea salt, vegan live bacteria. Stabilisers: Organic locust bean gum, Xanthan gum.
Best before: 21/11/2019
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