Camembert lorrain - bio et cru
Camembert lorrain - bio et cru

Petit lorrain (Vegan camembert) - organic & raw

Petit veganne
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A creamy and absolutely authentic French Camembert from the Lorraine region which will make all demanding connoisseurs drool! New to the French market, Les Petits veganne are much talked about and it is easy to understand why once you tasted their cheese creations. Creamy, incredibly authentic and just simply spectacular (as well as organic and raw).

Ingredients: raw organic cashew nuts *, filtered water, salt **, cultures, penicillium
* Allergen information: cashew nuts
** Unrefined,


Important recommendations: Upon receipt, please remove your cheese out of the box and place it in the refrigerator wrapped in its ripening paper. Its conservation is optimal at a temperature of 4 C °, but for a longer conservation, place it at very low temperature (2C °).

It is a "live" product and it continues to age after its official sell by date (10/2019). It will continue to age as a dairy cheese and its taste, smell, texture and character will change as it ages. For a creamy Camembert, please place at room temperature before tasting.
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