Cream cheese cru à l'ail - biologique
Cream cheese cru à l'ail - biologique

Cream cheese with garlic - raw and organic

Tyne Chease

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A soft and spreadable Creamed Chease using organic cashew and cultures to create a smooth texture and a complex and subtle cheesy flavour.  For garlic lovers, this creamy cheese is perfect for smearing on a baguette or can be served alongside grilled vegetables. Also great in a pasta sauce!

Tyne Chease is lovingly handmade by acclaimed vegan chease artisan, Ami J. Tadaa, in the North East of England using the finest organic ingredients.  A small family run business, they produce a unique range of 100% plant based, raw chease of the highest quality.

Ingredients: organic cashew nuts, water, organic garlic, probiotics, himalayan pink salt

Keeps 4 weeks in the refrigerator or 3 months in the freezer


BBD: 27/8/2020 or 27/10/2020 if frozen
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