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Raw aged cheese with Za'atar spices

Raw aged cheese with Za'atar spices

Tyne Chease
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Tyne Chease is small family run business producing a unique range of100% plant based, raw chease of the highest quality. Their chease making is inspired by traditional methods going back thousands of years and their new range is authentically cultured and matured.

A superb new cheese: raw, aged and organic, this beautiful cheese is one of our favourite.  The spectacular fusion of herb, spice and seed lends a complex, fragrant, but gentle flavour to the creaminess of the cheese. Spectacular!

IMPORTANT: Tyne Chease recommand that upon receiving your cheeses you store them in the fridge, removed from the wooden box and soya-bean wax paper and placed in a clean airtight container. The cheeses may spoil if  moist. In rare cases, due to condensation in the refrigerator,mould may begin to form on your chease. You should just simply remove the mould.

They have used vegan cultures to give their products an authentic cheesy taste. These living cultures allow your cheeses to continue maturing and they will become firmer and cheesier over time.

Ingredients: organic cashew nuts, water, za’atar spice blend (Thyme, sumac, sesame seeds, salt), probiotics, himalayan pink salt.

Tyne Chease kitchen handles mustard seeds and sesame seeds.


Best before: 5/11/2020 or 5/1/2021 if frozen

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