Poppadoms (à cuire)
Poppadoms (à cuire)
Poppadoms (à cuire)
Poppadoms (à cuire)

Cook at home poppadoms

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Popular in all regions of India, the Popppadum (or pappadum) is a delicious traditional crispy snack that is served either as an appetiser or with a main meal. These authentic poppadoms just need to be briefly fried in a couple of centimetres of oil. They will expand almost immediately. remove the excess oil and drain on some kitchen towel. They become crisp when they cool down.  For a healthier version, you can also try and brush them with oil on both sides, coat a non-stick pan with some oil and place the poppadom. Constantly press and turn the poppadom until the texture starts changing, then flip and do the same again. Leave to cool and crisp.
Ingredients: black gram flour, salt, rice flour, coconut oil, raising agent (calcium oxyde) 
100g (10 poppadoms)
Best before: 10/2019
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