Bali White


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An incredible chocolate bursting with vanilla, by one of the top European chocolatier.
Creamy and sweet, using whole pod Madagascan vanilla. No addedflavourings or fats other than cold-pressed organic cocoa butter. The closest in flavour to a dairy white bar.

Solkiki's chocolates are rare jewels and unlike anything on market: they are one of the few bean-to-bar makers in Europe and use minimally-processed tiny batches of the best ingredients in the world. The bean, soil and climate found in a particular plot of land('Terroir') produces a chocolate unique to that plot. Solkiki's mission is to highlight these unique differences without compromising on flavour or integrity. Their cocoa beans are carefully sourced from single plantations and their chocolates are hand-processed at every step using intricate techniques all in the name of flavour and nutrition. There are no added fats which demands a higher level of artisan skill since undiluted cacao is difficult to work with. This also means that the indicated cocoa % is lower, but is indeed much more potent since it pure bean and no has not been mixed with other fats. Organic and made in a100% renewably powered workshop. Winners of 5 International Awards in 2016 and 2017.

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic cold-pressed cacao butter, gmo-free soy, whole vanilla pod, pink mountain salt
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