After studying at the University of Edimburgh and over 20 years spent in Scotland with a rich and atypical professional history, our vegan Franco-Irish team arrived in France in 2008. Suddenly, shopping became a perplexing and frustrating experience : "But... where are the vegan cheeses?", "Yuk, there's butter and milk in all these biscuits", "Wot! No vegan chicken?!" The idea of importing our favourite goodies was not far...

The vegan shop was originally born out of our nostalgia for our familiar foods, but it is our commitment to veganism and our longstanding activism which propelled us into action, to be part of the change for a better world and promote compassion through veganism.

You will find some classics - vegan meats and cheeses - but also biscuits, cakes, crackers, nut and seed butters, cereals and a whole load of cupboard essentials. We also offer a large range of organic, gluten-free and raw products. All are 100% vegan, often organic or high quality artisan. For all beings, for the planet, for a better world!

We have also included a "Japanese voyage" section to introduce a few of our favourite Japanese products for two reasons. Firstly, all vegan / health food shops have a Japanese aisle in the UK, so we thought that it would only make sense to follow this familiar format. More importantly, we know Japan very well and love its spectacular traditional vegan cuisine and we are just happy to share a few of its treasures with you!

Enjoy your visit!

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