Sel des Hébrides aux algues
Sel des Hébrides aux algues
Sel des Hébrides aux algues
Sel des Hébrides aux algues

Hebridean Sea Salt - seaweed infused

Hebridean Sea Salt

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For centuries the Hebridean people have been collecting and usingseaweeds found on local shores to supplement their diets.This seaweed infused salt uses quality seaweeds collected anddried locally on the Isle of Lewis. The mild peppery taste of theseaweed compliments the sea salt beautifully and will add some umami flavour to your dishes.

A pure and mineral packed sea salts from the remote and spectacular Hebridean island of Lewis in Scotland. AtThe Vegan Shop, we have had a strong connection with the Hebrides formany years, so we are particulalry delighted to introduce Scotland firstsea salt company, Hebridean Sea Salt! The salt making processstarts with the cristal clear sea water from thespectacular shores of Loch Erisort in Lewis, after slowly evaporation,it is then hand harvested and finally, hand packed in their local site.

HebrideanSea Salt is of course a pure, natural, unrefined salt that retains oversixty naturally occurring trace elements such as potassium, calcium,magnesium and zinc.

Can you taste the pure fresh air of the Hebrides?


"Original" and "peat smoked" also available.
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