Kombucha coco
Kombucha coco
Kombucha coco
Kombucha coco

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Captain Kombucha
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Captain Kombucha is a delicious naturally bubbly fermented probiotic drink. Kombucha is a drink produced by fermenting tea using a 'symbiotic colony' of friendly bacteria, sugar and yeast (SCOBY). Whilst it originated in China in the 3rd century B.C, it was most popular in Japan. Kombucha is rich in Amino Acids and enzymes which naturally detoxify, improve mood and digestion, increase energy, and provide immune support.  Rich in probiotics and antioxidants, it is not pasteurized, contains no artificial colours or flavours, no Preservatives. Raw and vegan goodness.

 Directions: Never shake, open carefully, refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 days

Ingredients: Filtered water, organic certified evaporated cane juice (cane sugar transformed during fermentation), organic certified green tea, pure live kombucha culture (probiotic bacteria and yeast), organic certified coconut extract 0,001%, organic certified extracts (carrot, apple and blackcurrant). Water filtered by reverse osmosis.

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