Crème mains nordique - biologique
Crème mains nordique - biologique
Crème mains nordique - biologique
Crème mains nordique - biologique

Nordic hand cream - organic


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A super moisturizing trio of shea butter, evening primrose oil and almond oil, combined with invigorating birch leaf extract. You can be sure to have silky-soft and nurtured hands. Inspired by Nordic birch woods and the mild scent of cornflowers.

Urtekram International A/S is Scandinavia's largest organic wholesalerbut the founders of Urtekram, Lisbeth Daamsgaard and Ronnie McGrail,actually started out with a shop inurban Copenhagen. Today, a shop like theirs would be known as the localhealth food shop. Back then, they were part of a whole new time spirit,with their focus on organic products, pure ingredients andsustainability. Out of this grew the company and thename Urtekram, derived from the original term "urtekræmmer", an old-fashioned term for a so-called spice/herb merchant or travelling salesman selling spices, medical herbs, drugs etc .

Ingredients: Water, aloe vera*, vegetable oil, almond oil*,shea butter*, glycerine**, corn starch*, birch leaf extract*, zincricinoleate, jojoba oil*, evening primrose oil*, polysaccharide, citricacid, perfume, magnolia bark extract, vitamin E. * = Organic farming. **= Made using organic ingredients.

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