Eponge à récurer naturelle - sans plastique
Eponge à récurer naturelle - sans plastique
Eponge à récurer naturelle - sans plastique
Eponge à récurer naturelle - sans plastique

Scrubing loofah - plastic free


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Now you can say goodbye to polluting plastic scourers forever and hello to eco-friendly cleaning! This Bio Kitchen Scrubber is efficient for all types of cleaning – in the kitchen and bathroom, indoors and outdoors and for all surfaces. The soft part of the sponge is bio-based, plastic free, washable and will not crumble, so you can use it again and again. The scourer part of the  Scrubber is made from the loofah plant. The cucumber-like loofah fruit is dried and smaller parts are sewed to the white cellulose sponge.The scourer part and the sponge part are sewed, not glued, together.

Washing instructions: All Maistic sponges are washable in the dishwasher. Put it in the tray used for glasses, dry the sponge standing up, then the sponge is ready to be used again. Alternatively use boiling water with a little clear vinegar. Please so not put the Bio Kitchen Scrubber in the washing machine and do not tumble dry, as this will reduce the product lifetime.

Materials:  100% bio-based. The sponge is made of natural cellulose from wood fibers. The scourer part is made from dried loofah. Sewed together with organic cotton thread. No glue.
Measurements: 11 x 7 cm.
Packing: In paper box – of course no plastic wrap. Languages on standard pack: Danish, English and Dutch texts.

Now, for the science bit and why you should never use disposable plastic sponges: the colored disposable sponges (usually with the green scourer part) are serious plastic polluters. When you use them, the scourer breaks into tiny green microplastic pieces, disappearing in the drain ending up in the sea, never to disappear… If you use plastic sponges for cleaning flower pots, windows etc. outdoors, microplastics end up in nature and your own garden.
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