Boisson à l'avoine pour barista

Boisson à l'avoine pour barista


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A delicious foamy oat milk for professional looking latte!

Fancy preparing a scrumptious latte like a pro? You can! Just heat this barista edition oat drink in a container while giving it a whirl until it foams up nicely, and then pour yourself a latte! We leave the design to you though! A light and creamy foam for a delicious latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate. And if you don’t feel like a latte, you can of course enjoy it simply out of the carton, or pour it on your granola.


Ingredients: Oat base (water, oats 10%), rapeseed oil, acidity regulator (dipotassium phosphate), calcium carbonate, calcium phosphates, iodised salt, vitamins (D2, riboflavin, B12)

1 litre

Nutrition information per 100 ml:
Energy 247 kJ/59 kcal
Fat 3.0 g of which saturated 0.3 g
Carbohydrates 6.6 g of which sugars 4.0 g*
Fibre 0.8 g
Protein 1.0 g
Salt 0.10 g
Vitamin D 1.5 μg (30%**)
Riboflavin 0.21 mg (15%**)
Vitamin B12 0,38 μg (15%**)
Calcium 120 mg (15%**)

*Natural sugars from oats.
**Of the Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs).

1 litre

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