Tranches - original

Tranches - original


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The classic and legendary slices with a crazy authentic taste. Perfect in a sandwich or delicious melted in a panini or  toastie for the ultimate comfort food.

Ingredients: water, coconut oil (23%), modified starch*, starch, sea salt, flavourings, olive extract, colour: B-Carotene, vitamin B12.

10 slices per pack


Best before: 9/4/2021

*Not to be confused with GMO (Genetically Modified) ingredients.

Nutritional information for 100g:
Energy 285 Kcal / 1190KJ
Protein 0g
Lipids 23g of which saturated 21g
Carbohydrates 20.0g including sugars 0g
Salt 2.3g
B12 2.5μg

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