Roasted garlic and Cornish Sea Salt

Roasted garlic and Cornish Sea Salt

Cornish Sea Salt Co

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A versatile salt with slow raosted garlic

Two simple ingredients and nothing else: a special blend of sea salt and slow roasted garlic. Really Garlicky can substitute fresh garlic in any recipe, and a pinch and a scrunch is all it takes to get the same great flavour. Delicious added onto pasta dishes, especially with a creamy or tomato base for extra punch, rubbed onto vegan roasts or vegan steaks, on top of salads or soups for more flavour, ideal with roasted vegetables such as butternut squash, sweet potato or just good old roast potatoes. great added to dips and sauces.

Cornish Sea Salt is hand harvested from the very clearest waters here in Cornwall. They don't add anything to it or take anything away and this means that it retains natural minerals. Almost a decade ago Cornish Sea Salt Co. started harvesting the mineral riches of the Atlantic ocean from the rocky shores of the Lizard Peninsula. Here’s how the Salt House team matches a 3,000-year-old artisan process with modern techniques while protecting the oceans. Salt production at Coverack, on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, dates back to the Iron Age. There are more than 60 minerals in the sea around the Lizard, which is three times more minerals by type than are reportedly found in Dead Sea salt (21) and they are all unique to these waters, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Marine Conservation Zone.

Ingredients: sea salt, roasted garlic and nothing else


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