Aquafaba powder

Aquafaba powder

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Aquafaba without having to eat tons of hummus!

The magic of aquafaba, witout having to eat tons of hummus! This Aquafaba powder is the dried version of the liquid remaining from cooking chickpeas. Easy to use, it is perfect for baking fluffy cakes or brioches, meringues, whipping into soft and hard peaks, mousses, ice-cream, icings, marshmallows  and a lot more! Made only from chickpea broth, with no other additives or fillers. It is shelf stable, cost-effective and extremely versatile. Stores up to 2 years.

Equivalent to 42 eggs, or 64 egg whites.  Makes 8 cups worth of reconstituted aquafaba liquid  (1 TBSP of powder per 1 cup of water)

Ingredients: Non-gmo dried chickpea broth


Aquafaba can be used in its standard liquid form, or whipped into peaks depending on your intended use. Using a hand mixer or stand mixer is suggested for the aquafaba to reach stiff peaks, which usually takes about 10 minutes. Although the manufacturers suggest ratios of powder to water, the aquafaba powder is especially convenient as you can easily change the concentration of your aquafaba liquid depending on your intended use.

How To Use Aquafaba Powder:

The general recommendation for use is ⅓ teaspoon of aquafaba powder with 3 tablespoons of water to equal one egg. We recommend using ¼ teaspoon aquafaba powder with two tablespoons of water to equal one egg white. When making larger batches of aquafaba, we recommend using 1 tablespoon of aquafaba powder with one cup of water. You may find that some recipes call for the liquid from one can of chickpeas. One can of chickpeas contains approximately ½ cup aquafaba, which can be useful to know when measuring out your aquafaba powder.

Some tips to assure success when using your aquafaba: make sure the kitchen tools you aquafaba comes in contact with (bowls, mixers, whisks) are squeaky clean! Any oily residue can keep the aquafaba from whipping. Make sure to open your aquafaba jar in a dry space, and keep it out of humidity to prevent clumping and hardening of the powder. Additionally, adding cream of tartar to your aquafaba can be beneficial as it helps to reduce the breakdown of texture when whipping the aquafaba, allowing it to stabilize.

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