La marmite végétale
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A creamy artisan cheese with an incredible goat cheese flavour

This little cheese log with and its authentic goat cheese flavour is simply spectacular! Incredible on a salad drizzled with vegan honey or maple syrup, or  added to risottos, pasta, pizzas or quiches. What a talent and what a treat!
All ingredients are organically grown, the ferments used are grown on non-GMO soy strains, the cashew nut content is 86% and these cheeses do not contain transglutaminase (vzyme), flavours or preservatives.

Ingredients: cashew nut, deodorized coconut oil, spring water, organic soy yogurt, vegan cultures, salt
Contains SOY
Best before:  18/8/2022
Important: These cheeses may show green or blue traces which are not mould, but traces of blue cultures (roqueforti) used in the workshop. These traces do not alter the taste or quality of these cheeses.
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