Befanino - organic biscuits

Befanino - organic biscuits

Basta sia buono

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A beloved Tuscan cookie, delicately flavoured with aniseed

A traditional cookie eaten by every Tuscan children on the Epiphany (6th January in Italy). These biscuits are baked at low temperature, delicately flavoured with aniseed and cut into playful shapes. Refined and subtle.

“Basta Sia Buono” is an old Tuscan adage which means: "As long as it is tasty". And it is!!

Véronique and her partner drew on the culinary heritage of their Italian family and veganized traditional recipes, carefully preserving the taste and texture of the original cookies. Their biscuits are handcrafted and made from local and natural ingredients. Made to order, their biscuits are baked at a low temperature to preserve the flavours.

The outer cardboard is made from 100% responsibly sourced recycled cardboard, and the inner packaging is plastic-free and 100% biodegradable.

Ingredients: unbleached flour * - vegetable margarine * (no palm oil or hydrogenated fat) - unrefined sugar * - soy milk * - anise * - yeast * - salt

* from organic farming

Allergens: may contain traces of almonds


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