Cretan dittany (dictamus) teabags - organic

Cretan dittany (dictamus) teabags - organic


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A refreshing and aromatic Cretan dittany tea

A refreshing and aromatic Cretan herbal tea. Dictamus (Origanum dictamnus) is a wild plant only found in Crete, which grows on cliffs and is considered by the Cretans to be the "queen of herbs". It owes its fame to its many medicinal properties, known to the Minoans as early as the 3rd century BC. It is enjoyed in Crete all the time and everywhere,  just like like coffee or tea in France. Its aroma is intense and refreshing.

20 bags of organic herbal tea to be brewed in simmering water (90°c) 3 minutes.

Produced in a workshop which also processes sesame seeds, celery and mustard seeds.

Ingredients: certified organic Cretan dictamus

20 sachets x 1g

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