Mascarice (like mascarpone, but vegan duh)

Mascarice (like mascarpone, but vegan duh)

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Rich and velvety, like mascarpone

A velvety and rich, creamy texture perfect for your pasta or risotto dish, and of course, for the emblematic Tiramisù

MascaRice is a delicious vegan mascarpone cheese alternative made from BioSuRice, an innovative creation using 100% whole Italian rice germinated with Dolomitian spring water. Creamy, fresh and naturally sweet, this vegan mascarpone substitute is free from GMOs, lactose, gluten, soya and cholesterol. It is made using premium selected organic produce in a dedicated allergen-free plant-based factory in the Veneto region.
Try it in your favourite vegan Tiramisù recipe, as part of a vegan cheesecake, or you can simply eat it straight from the pack as a dessert on its own!

Ingredients: vegetable preparation bio surice cream 74% (water, sprouted brown rice 30%), coconut oil, inulin from agave, thickeners: arabic gum, sodium alginate, carob bean gum, pea protein.

Allergen-free, suitable for people intolerant to milk, gluten, eggs, soya and derivatives


BBD: 25/7/2022

Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy     283kcal / 1174kJ
Fat     21.4g of which saturates     17.3g
Carbohydrate     19.4g of which sugars     11.7g
Fibre     2.6g
Protein     1.9g
Salt     0.3g

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