Black sugar

Black sugar


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A traditional Japa

An incredibly aromatic traditional sugar with naturally occurring flavours of licorice and cocoa, and a pleasant crumbly texture.

This sugar comes from the island of Amami Oshima, which enjoys a very mild climate allowing four crops of sugar cane per year. It is made from fresh sugar cane, washed and rinsed (in order to remove any impurity), then cold pressed.
The juice from this first press is reduced over a wood fire, without adding water or white sugar or syrup, then left to decant for 3 to 5 days. The syrup obtained is then crystallised and presented in lumps or granulated.

The raw pieces can be enjoyed as a treat, crumbled over cakes and pastries, or used to sweeten hot drinks ... In the kitchen, it is of course splendid to accompany Japanese desserts and wagashi (kuzumochi etc), but it is wonderful in marinades or sauces, as well as in cakes, cookies, shortbread, ice-cream. Absolutely divine.

Once opened, please place in an airtight box and keep in the fridge or freezer. The sugar will retain all of its aromas and flavours.

Ingredients: 100% raw black cane sugar

Storage: away from light, heat and humidity


Nutritional values ​​Per 100 g:
Energy 369 kcal (1568 kJ)
Fat 0.6g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.1g
Carbohydrates 91g, of which sugars 91g
0.5g protein
0.05g salt

Amami Oshima island has a very special climate which gives four sugar cane harvests per year.

The sugar we offer is therefore made from fresh sugar cane, washed and rinsed ( so as to remove all impurities), then cold pressed.

This top quality sugar is very rich in vitamins and minerals. You'll be surprised by its extremely aromatic, chocolate and liquorice nose. It has a pleasant grainy texture like sugar crust pastry.

In lumps, eat it as a delicacy, decorate praline or pastries, sweeten hot drinks…

Granulated, it will surprise you in the kitchen ( marinades, sauces, velouté sauce, panfried vegetables, panfried or baked fruit) and in pastries ( cakes, cookies, sablés, madeleines, ginger bread…) or for breakfast on a slice of generously buttered bread.

100% cane sugar from Amami Oshima


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