Country style miso

Country style miso


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A traditional and artisan miso, fermented twice

Country-style miso is a light coloured miso which has been fermented twice. The first fermentation gives it its light flavour. The second gives it a sweet, delicious taste with a rich soya flavour. Perfect as a base for an exceptional miso soup, but it can also be used as a marinade for your tofu or vegan meats as well as  vegetables. Also perfect for a tasty sauce or "vinaigrette": mix miso, tahini (sesame butter) or your favourite nut butter, a little water. Divine.

French law prohibits us from commenting on its medicinal properties, which have been studied for a long time in Japan and by the international medical profession, but you will easily find all the information on the internet!

Important: to benefit from its nutritional and medicinal properties, miso should not be boiled.
For the Kantoya miso makers, the art of making miso is passed down from generation to generation since the traditional workshop was created at Kyoto in 1847. To make their exceptional miso, Kantoya's master craftsmen use a carefully selected koji and exceptionally pure underground water, drawn from a depth of sixty metres in the heart of the Hiei mountains. Kantoya's master craftsmen are committed to a round the clock supervision of their miso, such as the selection of the ingredients which are used in production, like koji ( koji is rice fermented from koji-kin or aspergillus oryzae yeast, for 44 hours in a controlled temperature room. Once made the koji is mixed with cooked soya) or in its elaboration to reach a level of exceptional quality. In Japan, Kantoya miso is overwhelmingly acclaimed by the best restaurant owners who appreciate its 100% traditional character and its renowned umami taste which belongs only to Japanese gastronomy.

* Koji is rice fermented using koji-kin yeast or aspergillus oryzae, in a temperature-controlled room. Once the kôji is made, it is mixed with the cooked soybeans)

Ingredients: rice, soy, salt, alcohol, aspergillus oryzae


Allergens: contains SOYBEANS

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