Miso blanc non pasteurisé - biologique
Miso blanc non pasteurisé - biologique

Unpasteurised white miso - organic

Tideford Organics

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Miso like you have not tasted before! The miso we have selected in The vegan shop are different from the ones you will find in your local organic shops. These are authentic and traditional miso, made in Japan by Master craftsmen. This organic white miso has not been pasteurized in order to preserve its nutritional benefits and is therefore a "living" food. Its subtle sweet flavor is due to the saccharification of the koji in its elaboration, which decomposes the soya albumin and develops the "umami" or fifth taste. Emblematic of the Japanese cuisine, miso is an essential ingredient: miso soups, glazed vegetables, sauces, but it is also perfect for western dishes. For a fantastic sauce or "vinaigrette", try and mix miso, tahini or your favorite nutbutter, a little water et voilà!

Rich in enzymes and probiotics, miso has antioxidant, alkalizing, detoxifying, protective properties against radioactivity and has been proven to be a preventive against various diseases "of civilization ".

Important: To benefit from its nutritional and medicinal qualities, miso must not be boiled!

Ingredients: *Water, Soya Beans (28%), Rice, *Sea Salt, *Yeast, *Koji Culture


Please keep refrigerated
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