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This is the HON WASABI, the real wasabi root, and not horseradish, commonly found in stores. Its flavor is sweet, fragrant and intense but without attacking the palate (or sinuses)!

Plant cousin of Western horseradish and mustard, hon-wasabi grows only in Japan, along mountain streams. Its root is known worldwide and is used by Japanese chefs. It stimulates the appetite and helps digestion and sanitizing. Wasabi is eaten today in many ways.

Specialist in the field, the Tamaruya house has made a name since its inception in 1874. Repeatedly honored in culinary competitions, Tamaruya have always evolved to meet consumer demands.
You can use your hon wasabi in sushi but also in your soups and sauces as well as with soba and udon; it will exalt dressings and mayonnaise and also perfectly replace the traditional mustard.

Ingredients: Root Hon Shizuoka wasabi (wasabia japonica), sorbitol, maltose, salt, canola oil, cellulose, wheat fiber, modified tapioca starch, allyl isothiocyanate, cyclodextrin, sodium ascorbate, xanthan gum

Nutritional information per 100 g: energy 247 kcal (1045 kJ); fat 4.1g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.3g; carbohydrates 52g, of which sugars 7.7g; protein 0.9g; salt 7.1g.
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