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Dolma Perfumes
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Anahita: A floral vegan perfume, with Jonquil, Mimosa, Magnolia, Heliotrope & Tuberose over a base of Sandalwood, Vanilla and non-animal Musks.

Dolma's story begins in 1982. When Jim Payne first set up Dolma, hisidea was simple: he showed that it was possible to commercially producequality fragrance without harming animals in any way. Using all-naturalproducts, Jim, a qualified chemist and practising vegan, set aboutcreating his first vegan fragrance from essential oils with perfumerycompounds and ethyl alcohol. Over 30 years later, their devotion tocruelty-free fragrance is shown by their commitment to using animal-freeingredients to produce these much-loved perfumes.While expensive brandsmanufacture perfumes using traces of animal substances, Dolma fragranceis the natural result of cultivating essential oils with ethyl alcoholand a unique blend of perfume compounds.

Dolma Perfumes areapproved by the Vegan Society, BUAV, Animal Aid, Dr Hadwen Trust, andNaturewatch for meeting their cruelty-free standards. All Dolma VeganPerfumes are approved under the The Humane Cosmetics Standard.
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