Rillettes végétales - biologiques
Rillettes végétales - biologiques

Vegan rillettes - organic

La marmite végétale
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New, incredible vegan French "rillettes". A great classic of French "charcuterie", this vegan version, free from cruelty or cholesterol will seduce your guests. With soy protein, shallots and white wine, coconut oil completes the visual effect to create a gourmet and authentic product.

"La Marmite Végétale" offers artisan and organic quality products, all made to order. Created with the best local and seasonal products, these delicacies are a small revolution in the vegan market.

Ingredients: textured soy protein, soy sauce, white wine, shallots, garlic, onions, vegetable broth, deodorized coconut oil


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