Original Mheat steak

Original Mheat steak

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Sgaia [sga-ee-ah] is a word in Venetian dialect to describe someone who is cheerful, animated and positive but also used to define someone who is resourceful, quick-witted and versatile. Hilary and Alberto, two Italians expatriated in lovely Scotland, believe that all human beings have a bit of sgaia in them. Passionate about eating, cooking, sharing food culture, and re-dimensioning culinary heritages in vegan terms, Sgaia was born to take part in the plant-based revolution, to support all human beings in their search for tasty, cruelty-free foods that don’t obstruct the possibility of standing by one’s cooking traditions. As Italians, they grew up with a rich culinary tradition and Mheat is the first building block of their new, Italian plant-based living. Their Mheat is an artisanal, small batch vegan meat made from wheat and soya protein but unlike anything you might have tried in the past. 

Their Original Steak is the most versatile of their creation: it is deliciously savoury with a rich umami taste that will compliment any marinade, sauce or vegetable side dish.  It is a handmade, individually wrapped, artisanal product. The quality of the product is also reflected in the elegant and tasteful packaging. No two mheat steaks will ever be the same, much like two loaves of bread bought in a bakery will never have quite the same shape, but each one receives the same care and attention.
It is not a ready meal but it is pre-cooked and ready to eat. Your imagination is the limit: have it as a "steak", sizzle or barbecue and served with chips and a salad; chop it in strips, sizzle and serve deliciously crispy  on top of a salad, or marinade it and add to your favourite stir fry or pasta, cub it, fry it and use as bacon or pancetta... It will be deliciously crispy lightly fried, soft in a stew or become harder the longer you pan fry it.

Each steak weighs 150g and will feed 2/3 people depending on what dish you're making with it.

Ingredients: Vital Wheat gluten, soya protein, Water, Shoyu (soya beans, water, sea salt, wheat, koji), Molasses, Onion, Garlic, Sea Salt, Yeast Extract.

Best before 15/9/2021

Average Nutritional Information, per 100g:
Energy 852kJ/201kcal; Protein, 36g; Total Fat, 1.7g (of which Saturated Fat, 0.5g); Available Carbohydrates, 9g (of which Sugars, 1.7g; of which Dietary Fiber, 2.53g); Sodium 956mg
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